2018 Cadillac CT6

When first introduced, there was a lot of hand-wringing over what niche the CT6 was supposed to fill. The large engine, large price tag and girth of the vehicle all posed an existential question to Cadillac. However, after spending a week with one of these specimens, all doubt has been erased. With speed, size and comfort at your disposal it’s safe to say this buggy checks all the boxes.

The CT6 Premium is a large car with fantastic interior space for both front- and rear-seat passengers, loads of luxury features (the USB ports and power outlet below the center rear seats is one of those “why doesn’t everyone do this?” treats) and lovely sense of lightness behind the wheel. In other words, as big as it is, the CT6 doesn’t wallow around in turns like an old Crown Victoria; it feels more like an Audi A6 than a Fleetwood, helped by the powerful turbocharged engine under the hood.

Cadillac’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system has arrived. And I put about two hours of hands free driving in the full-size CT6 over a long weekend — I almost forgot I was driving.

Something important to note about using the level 2 autonomous feature: You can’t “make time” with it. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll be switching lanes to avoid slower traffic and that necessitates putting your hands on the wheel and waiting for the color-coded steering wheel light to go green again, informing you that Super Cruise is reengaged.

The CT6 has a sportier-than-expected steering feel. Where Mercedes’ big sedans are so overboosted and light, this car takes some effort to steer and feels like it tightens up at speed. The whole package feels way more planted and tight than one would expect.

The interior is well laid out with an easy-to-reach touchscreen, though I would like knobs for volume and tuning. Apple CarPlay worked perfectly and after four days I got good at using the steering wheel controls. One thing: The rear seats don’t fold down; there’s only a ski pass-through.

Overall, the CT6 is a good car…it just seems a bit expensive for some. However, this is the Platinum trim with all-wheel drive and no options because all of the boxes are pre-checked. The Mercedes S-Class starts at $90K and goes up from there. Still, the CT6 doesn’t feel as upscale as the Mercedes, but it is probably on par, amenities-wise, with the 7-Series, which starts at $84K.

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