Travel Food Love was started by husband and wife, Jonathan and Sarah. Her love of all things travel and his knack behind a camera came together while documenting their time spent abroad. At first it was just on their instagram, but they soon found their audience wanting to know more about the people, places and foods they encountered. This website serves as their answer, and as an outpost for them to go more in depth with features and photography of their experiences.

Here you’ll find a mix of full length features on specific locations for both travel and food. But you’ll also find a daily blend of inspirational things — consumer goods, new and exciting travel destinations, what to put in your suitcase for the big trip, and even some foods to tempt your palate. This piece of online real estate was created for the sole purpose of capturing the happenings, memories and lives of two people very much in love.

Our favorite things in life are times spent together, making memories, trying new foods, experiencing new places and showcasing the things we use or encounter along the way. The world is a big place, full of people trying to make a difference. We’ve been inspired by so many of them and are passionate about sharing their successes and learning what makes them tick. We’ve all got a story to tell, and we’re excited to share ours with you. Feel free to drop us a line at

-Jonathan & Sarah