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Topo Designs x Woolrich Collection

You might be starting to catch on that we’re big fans of Topo Designs here at TFL. What you may not know is that we’re also huge fans of the Pennsylvania-based wool company, Woolrich. Combining Woolrich’s classic American heritage with Topo’s relevant design, the Topo Designs x Woolrich Collection is already a hit in our book.

Following up on last Falls collection, both brands came together to update and expand their extremely successful collection of backpacks, duffels and accessories. All bags feature snap closures, bright contrasting zippers and color popping straps and cord loops. And the best part? It’s 100% made in the USA.

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2015 Chevrolet Colorado

We recently drove the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado around town, on some dirt trails and even a three hour road trip. This midsize truck is a step in the right direction for General Motors. All new for 2015, the Colorado is a truly capable midsize pickup and a serious competitor for the likes of the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. So the real question is, would we buy one? Read on to find out.

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Modern Farmer Muck Boots

In the world of gardening, footwear is paramount. Planting the seeds, turning the soil and harvesting at just the right time are crucial to the farmer of today. From urban to suburban, every farmer is only as productive as their footwear.

Recently, our friends at Modern Farmer teamed up with The Original Muck Boot Company to produce a gardening boot that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the feet. The brilliant orange colorway and Muck Boot’s legendary comfort combine to make a boot that will outlast you in the field. The Neoprene interior is lined with soft, supportive fabrics that wick moisture and provide warmth in any wet or cold conditions. The EVA outsole makes this boot extremely lightweight and provides maximum traction and support, all in a signature color that will make you the envy of your community garden (we can attest to this).

Most of all, we love that the Modern Farmer logo is proudly on display at the top. For years, Modern Farmer has been educating people on the important connections between what we eat, how it’s grown and how it reaches our plates. They’re doing their part to make the world a better place. I guess you could say they’re starting to grow on us.

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Patagonia : Truth to Materials Collection

This week, Patagonia launched a new collection called Truth to Materials – a capsule collection containing seven styles which explore radical new methods of manufacturing, born from a desire to reimagine the first stage of a product’s life: the source of raw materials. Each piece is made from reclaimed or alternatively sourced fabrics — Men’s Undyed Cashmere Snap-T Pullover, Women’s Undyed Cashmere Cardigan, Men’s Reclaimed Cotton Hoody, Women’s Reclaimed Cotton Crew, Men’s Reclaimed Wool Jacket, Women’s Reclaimed Wool Parka, and the Reclaimed Down Scarf.

Truth to Materials honors the purest form of a material possible, be it minimally processed cashmere and wool, or going beyond organic by reusing cutting room scrap that was otherwise destined for the landfill. It’s about discovering the origin of a material and staying as true to that as possible during every step of design and manufacturing. The clothes in this collection represent a deeper dive into the progress Patagonia has already made — with materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester — but with less dyeing and processing, fewer virgin resources and an even greater focus on craftsmanship.

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Driven: 2014 Lexus IS350 F Sport

Growing up, Lexus was never big on my car radar. It seemed to fit my parents’ (heck, grandparents’) generation just fine. But I knew, when it was my turn behind the wheel, I’d be shooting for something a little different. That was, however, until 1998 rolled around. That’s when the IS first came to production in the United States. With one of the first cars to have Altezza taillights, and luxury-meets-fast lane looks, I was hooked.

Fast forward to 2014, and the third generation of the IS is still going strong. We recently got our hands on the 2015 IS350 F Sport. Read on to see how it went.
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Topo Designs – Fall 2014 Collection

The heart of every brand is to capture and portray an idea. They communicate the very essence of a place in time that others connect with and embrace. For Topo Designs, communicating the Rocky Mountains comes naturally. Based in Colorado, this outdoor brand effortlessly resonates something that every fisher, hunter, ski instructor, hiker, climber, biker and traveler can relate to.

Topo Design’s Fall 2014 Collection gets it right, again. With new bags, shirts, and pants, they bring a fresh perspective to outdoor wear. Click the photos above to see what’s new.

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Interview: Clint Wilkinson of Bell & Oak

Born and raised in the Lone Star State, leather artisan, Clint Wilkinson of Bell & Oak, is a study in the maker renaissance. His hand crafted leather goods have inspired a generation of individuals eschewing mass production in search of authenticity and purpose. More than the goods, these people have bought into an idea, an ethos, a way of life that resonates in everything made by the hands of Wilkinson.

But Wilkinson loves what he does and the people he does it for. It’s not merely making a product to sell, it’s building relationships and collaborating with other makers that fuels his work. We recently sat down with him to find out what drives this passion.

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2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club Sport

On paper with only 167 horsepower under the hood, the 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata doesn’t look like a sports car, but unlike other sports cars that boast about their gobs of power, this little roadster has something else under its sleeve. When Mazda handed me the keys to the 2014 Miata Club Sport I didn’t know what I was in store for. On paper the Miata’s stats didn’t seem too impressive, so I prepared myself for what would end up being a kinda blah experience. Well I was definitely wrong.
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Cadillac ELR

If looks can kill, the Cadillac ELR is deadly. This extraordinarily-designed aerodynamic coupe looks like everything a sporty Cadillac should: low, sexy lines, nose down-tail up, chiseled, aggressive, provocative, and without any concession to practicality.

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LL Bean Signature Leather Duffel Bag

Where Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones collide, you’ll find this leather duffel by LL Bean Signature. The leather keeps shape even when this bag is empty and, like all leather, develops character with each use. It’s plenty spacious for a weekend getaway and fits as nicely in the boot of a Bronco as it does a Bentley. The zippers secure your belongings with ease and the fabric liner is a nice touch. Frankly, I love this duffel. The sophistication and quality are unmatched. Like most things, though, there’s a time and place for it. I probably wouldn’t take it camping, or hiking, or on a long trip. This duffel belongs in the boot of an old Austin Healey on your way to the Hamptons. It’s classic and classy, and we love it for that.