Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok

We recently spent several days in Bangkok, Thailand. There are so many aspects of the city we just love. It’s a kaleidoscope of energy, culture, and culinary wonder. We stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok, and just like Bangkok itself, the hotel is impressively grand, yet still unquestionably warm and welcoming.

The luxurious tranquility of the Four Seasons Bangkok is quite a juxtaposition from the hurried streets you’re stepping off of. The first thing you’ll see when entering through the huge doors is a famously gorgeous Thai mural, framed by a grand staircase. This is no regular hotel artwork. The masterpiece was hand painted on silk by Thai artist Arjarn Paiboon Suwannakudt and finished by his students, when his health left him unable to work. You could spend years musing over the hand painted details, but the most noticeable depictions include a horse, chariot, ship and an elephant, symbolizing commerce, royalty, trade and war, respectively. The size and grandeur of this mural are majestic. And it’s just one of many allegorical paintings throughout the hotel.

The lobby ceiling is another collection of art made for marveling. Composed by the same artist, the ceiling features geometric designs that portray elements of earth, life, nature, astrology, animals, Buddhism and traditional Thai mythology. Each ceiling section is different in design and color. If you are even remotely interested in art, we recommend staying here, purely for the chance to enjoy all the intricate ways traditional Thai artwork is incorporated throughout the entire hotel. Even if you aren’t interested in art, you are immediately immersed in history just by entering the lobby. You instantly get to take part in the rich culture of Thailand.

Just like Bangkok itself, the hotel is impressively grand, yet still unquestionably warm and welcoming.

One of the first things we wanted to do when we arrived at the Four Seasons was eat (of course). After 24 hours of flying and going through multiple airports, nothing sounded better. Fortunately, we had a plethora of options at the hotel. We opted to dine in the lobby before we headed out to explore the city. The lobby is polished and elegant, with a lively buzz about it and a fusion of traditional Thai and colonial architecture. It’s quite large, with an abundance of chic yet intimate seating options. I can just picture posh businessmen meeting there to close important deals (and I’m certain we witnessed some of that).

We dined at several of the hotel’s seven options including the Spice Market, one of the hotel’s most acclaimed restaurants. Our favorite meal, however, was breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, right? The spectrum of food was astounding, everything a breakfast should be. Both Asian and Western dishes are served, including custom omelettes, fried noodles, every kind of breakfast pastry imaginable, fresh fruits and ingredients for a custom parfait. Their Sunday brunch buffet has become famous in Bangkok for its impressive showcase of world cuisines like Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Thai.

The room itself was top notch. We were welcomed with exotic fruits and chocolates – delicious! We stayed in a junior suite, which boasts an executive desk, sofa sitting area, dressing room, a stunning marble bathroom and a luxurious king size bed. Sidenote: Did you know you can actually purchase the famous Four Seasons bed? Jonathan has officially added it to his Christmas wish list. It is one of the most comfortable beds we have ever slept in, which is obviously important when you’re out exploring such a fascinating city all day. We were so pleased to come “home” to our Four Seasons room every evening.

Staffed with cool, young locals, the hotel made us feel at home during our stay. The hospitality is exemplary and one of the many characteristics that distinguish this hotel from others. We were always welcomed with a warm smile and a friendly greeting. We loved starting a conversation with any of the staff to get a local’s take on good street food, their favorite part of the city, what they do for fun, the best coffee shops, etc. They were easy to talk to and happy to leak the city’s best secrets to us.

Our stay at the Four Seasons Bangkok was unforgettable, and I can’t imagine staying anywhere else in the huge city of intrigue and activity. We will certainly be returning!

A few other reasons to stay there:

  • It’s in a GREAT location (and right next to the Skytrain)
  • There’s a rejuvenating spa
  • The fitness center is well-stocked
  • The pool is surrounded by lush trees and gardens
  • They know how to make a good Mai Tai
  • Bangkok’s best shopping malls are just minutes away

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