Fries of New York

French fries are a curious food.; as unique as they are ubiquitous. This is especially true in New York City where, this past week, Sir Kensington’s put on a display called, “Fries of New York”. This New York-based condiments company, celebrated the fry in its many forms and iconic iterations with a food culture exhibition celebrating ketchup’s potato-based companion.

Unique fry specimens from one hundred acclaimed New York City restaurants will be on display. Each fry will be presented with care and attention to ensure it remains appetizing, as if fresh from the fryer. Sir Kensington’s has chosen an archiving process which delicately eliminates moisture from the fry before applying a nearly imperceptible layer of resin.

Some notable contributing restaurants, representing a wide range of preparations, include: The 21 Club, Balthazar, BaoHaus, Cafe Gitane, Colonie, The Fat Radish, Katz’s Deli, Smith & Wollensky, Papaya King, Northern Spy Food Co., Quality Meats, Root & Bone, and more.

As the last decade has seen American cuisine experience a renaissance, spawning diversity and innovation for both fries and their accompanying condiments, the exhibition will additionally explore the history and evolution of the fry and other related curiosities and ephemera.

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Photos by Mother New York, Josh Engmann

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