LL Bean Signature Leather Duffel Bag

Where Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones collide, you’ll find this leather duffel by LL Bean Signature. The leather keeps shape even when this bag is empty and, like all leather, develops character with each use. It’s plenty spacious for a weekend getaway and fits as nicely in the boot of a Bronco as it does a Bentley. The zippers secure your belongings with ease and the fabric liner is a nice touch. Frankly, I love this duffel. The sophistication and quality are unmatched. Like most things, though, there’s a time and place for it. I probably wouldn’t take it camping, or hiking, or on a long trip. This duffel belongs in the boot of an old Austin Healey on your way to the Hamptons. It’s classic and classy, and we love it for that.


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