Outlier Clothing

Globe trotting is a full-time job. We found this out on our recent trip through Thailand. We left Texas in 60 degree weather, sat on a plane for over 24 hours, waited through several airports and finally landed in the humid Thai climate of Bangkok. We ventured through the jungles of Chiang Mai and went snorkeling off the beaches of Phi Phi Island. Outlier Clothing stayed with us through it all. This boutique brand out of NYC is making a big name for themselves by trying to be “the future of clothing”. That’s a mighty claim. Can they live up to it?

Mobility is the heartbeat of the brand. They believe that man can look sharp in any setting without sacrificing mobility or freedom of movement. This is some real James Bond type of stuff. Our two favorites were the Air Forged Oxford and the New OGs.


The moment you pick up this shirt you can tell that it’s packed with technology.It’s soft and structured, but tough enough that you don’t have to pamper it. The oxford is proving ground for Outlier’s patent pending Pivot Sleeve, a one piece sleeve that flows seamlessly into the back of the garment, creating a rear side panel and a dress shirt designed to look better, fit better and allow you to move without restriction.

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“From your bike to the boardroom” — that’s the promise that Outlier makes and delivers in every way. These pants feel space-age. They look clean and professional, but offer more mobility than any pants I’ve ever worn. It sounds strange to say, but it almost feels like you’re not wearing any pants! The four-way stretch fabric is breathable, comfortable and durable, the most versatile fabric around. The self-cleaning nanosphere treatment means that coffee, wine and dirt roll off with ease, keeping you looking fresh and clean in the trickiest of situations. The Schoeller Dryskin Extreme fabric looks elegant, yet repels water. But when it does saturate, it will dry in minutes (generally around 15-20). The doubleweave structure means it’s tough and durable on the exterior, yet soft and comfortable inside.

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