Plated Review

We watch Shark Tank, too. That’s where we first heard about the gourmet delivery service, Plated. Every week, seven chef-designed recipes are featured on their “menu” (four healthy meat & fish, three unique vegetarian). You select which days you want your food delivered, and voilà, they send you everything you need to prepare the meal of your choice.

We’re skeptics, naturally, but we also love food. So when we heard about Plated we had to give it a try. One of two things was going to happen: 1) we were going to prove why home delivery of food is a bad idea, or 2) we were going down as culinary legends among our friends for the gourmet meals prepared in our kitchen. I’ll cut the suspense – it was the latter.

Read on to find out what happened.

Our box arrived exactly as scheduled. Even the packaging looked awesome. We opened it up to find a specially designed thermal wrap covering the inside keeping our food nice and cold. Everything was sectioned out in perfect proportion. The step-by-step recipe cards got us going in no time, and we started cooking. We selected the skirt steak with glazed baby carrots and goat cheese. All of the ingredients were fresh and the meat was so tender it could fall apart with a spoon.

This was one of the most pleasant cooking experiences we’ve ever had. Everything is ready to go, the quality of ingredients are top notch, the portions are perfectly sized and the result is nothing short of  gourmet in your own living room. This is perfect for families on the go or even a fun date night with a loved one.

Our advice? Save it for some special entertaining when friends are over. They’ll never stop talking about what an awesome chef you are, but you can bet they’ll be back for more. Did we mention Plated offers a subscription service? You’re welcome.

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