UScooter Electric Scooter

Normally the term “electric scooter” brings up images of Segway-like vehicles complete with pretentiously obnoxious riders. The uScooter Electric Scooter may redefine the stereotype though. Its wheel base is slightly longer than the Razor scooter of yore, but it provides comfort to riders over long distances and offers far better stability thanks to the front and rear shock absorbers. In terms of range, this scooter boasts a radius of 21 miles on a full charge, with a max speed of 18 mph (although we’ve seen up to 21 mph on a downhill stretch).

The scooter folds up in three steps, but it gets easier with each try. Once folded, it only weighs 24 lbs, which isn’t too heavy for carrying onto a train or to the office. Noteworthy is the UScooter’s regenerative braking function which captures the kinetic energy and charges the battery as you slow to a stop.

The UScooter comes with an LCD display panel at the top of the handle bars. Here you will find an odometer, tripometer, ambient temperature, speed, battery level and light on/off. The 6-LED headlight is as bright as most bike headlights and is a nice touch when scooting into the night.


On paper, this scooter is amazing. In practice this scooter is amazing. It’s just so difficult to overcome the hurdle of being a “scooter person.” You feel like you need a shirt that says “SPRING BREAK” and promotional neon sunglasses. That’s not to say we don’t love it, because we do, especially in DC where seeing the monuments and riding down the National Mall is so much more fun on a UScooter. In our mind, we’re always on Spring Break 🙂

When riding down the street you’ll get tons of looks. People ask about it all the time and are super curious to ride it. Everyone has a blast whether they are watching or riding.


This scooter is everything I wanted as a junior high kid without a drivers license, but at $1,000 it’s going to be difficult to justify for parents of wanting children. Parents, if you’re looking to be a kid again, pick yourself up one of these and scoot to the office (we certainly did!).


Make no mistake, the UScooter is so much fun and so easy to ride. But in the end, our only hope in this world is that, as a human race, we succumb to the electric vehicle movement, the world adopts the UScooter as it’s chosen ambassador and we all scoot from place to place.

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